My 3rd Child

So I have had two beautiful little girls…  I remember the beginning of the first pregnancy and that waiting a whole 40 weeks was an ETERNITY… I actually at one point wondered if I had it in me to wait that long… But I did(because you don’t really have another option anyway) and what I … [Read more…]

The Stigma of Cancer…

So… you had cancer… you went through chemo… surgery…. maybe radiation and goodness knows what else. Now everyone you know is super, amazingly over protective and you love them for it… but, you feel trapped… in your own body.  Doctors, family, friends… everyone says, “don’t overdo it… you need to rest… etc.”… but, you feel … [Read more…]

First Descents Day 2

So here I sit watching this river flow thinking how two days ago I was scared. I was scared of the rapids, the fast moving water, rocks, of my poor swimming skills, and mainly of just not being coordinated enough to keep a kayak top side up. Today though… I am not afraid. Yesterday we … [Read more…]

First Descents Day 1

Currently, I am on a retreat with other cancer patients in Merlin, OR.  The trip is put on through a group called First Descents and helps cancer patients get out and live life post cancer treatment.  Truly LIVE life… in a way I think I took for granted before my diagnosis last December 2016.  They … [Read more…]