What She Said… Ultrasound results

So, yesterday I went for an ultrasound on my neck and my bilateral ultrasound.  I feel better but, I have mixed feelings on the results that I got.

As far as my neck ultrasound, the doctor told me that she basically couldn’t see anything aside from lymph nodes and that I must just have ‘very sensitive fingers’… although many people have felt the lump on my neck, including Scott who agrees it IS definitely there… but… no cancer I guess so that’s great!  I am just going to keep an eye on it.

Now my bilateral breast ultrasound, I expected it to be pretty cut and dry that all of the lumps were scar tissue or fat necrosis(fat that died and solidified after surgery.  Well… I found that the bottom large pliable mass on my left side is something called Edema where tissue is holding fluid due to trauma.  I have no feeling there but apparently that portion of my new breast is “stressed”… As far as all of the other lumps though, I apparently have some Seromas which are pockets of fluid but, I also have some other spots which the doctor really couldn’t tell I guess.  She said, “We cannot biopsy ALL of these lumps but, it looks like they might be fat necrosis so, I will send it to your other doctors and see what they want to do.”  I am not sure what that even means… I didn’t even mention a biopsy myself so, her comment suggests that under different circumstances, she might find the need for a biopsy?  I don’t know… I am pretty confused but… she CC’d it to 5 of my doctors so, surely someone will figure something out.

How do I feel about this though?  Oddly relieved… I expect these new breasts to have issues… I don’t expect my neck to so, I am happy with an answer that indicates that I can most likely stay on my current schedule with surgeries and charity events, etc.