First Descents Day 2

So here I sit watching this river flow thinking how two days ago I was scared. I was scared of the rapids, the fast moving water, rocks, of my poor swimming skills, and mainly of just not being coordinated enough to keep a kayak top side up. Today though… I am not afraid. Yesterday we learned the ropes and today we got to test them out… In rapids… Real rapids… And I can do this…

Today we also concurred another fear of mine… Jumping into a river. I have done it a few times but every single time I am afraid… Today… I was afraid but honestly, there was no where safer in life to jump than here with First Descents and Sundance Kayaking School staff and voluteers… So I really don’t know what it was I was afraid of. This time instead of jumping into a lake standing still… We jumped into rapids and got to visit the “Green room”(those seconds when you go under and are inside of the swirls of the rapids). It was amazing. I jumped twice.

We all had so many fun moments together, joking, dancing, playing ball(I can’t remember the name of the game) in water… We even pulled our kayaks into a circle and made a “flower” that eventually we straightened into a line that Tarzan(one of our guides) attempted to run across… he did make it about 7 or 8 kayaks in before he landed in the water too.

I love every single second of today. There was a few moments where we were floating wide open in the river inside of a canyon and I closed my eyes and felt the boat glide and listened to the sound of the river. I will remember that moment for the rest of my life.

As I finish writing this… I can’t wait to see what tomorrow and the rest of this week brings… It is only Tuesday and I don’t leave until Saturday and I am already sad at the thought of leaving.

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