1…. 2… F.D.? Day 3!

I am really late getting this post written… like 2 whole weeks…. but, I owe it to First Descents to write my thoughts and to myself to memorialize them forever.  I mean, it WAS the best week of my life…

Day 3 was different, we knew from when we signed up for the trip that Day 3 we would do something different but, until campfire the night before, we didn’t know what. At campfire, our lead staff, Rut-Ro and Pika announced that we would be going to the Pacific Ocean… in California and to the Redwoods. That meant filling 3 bucket list items for many… in a single day!  1) The Pacific  2) California  3) The Redwoods!  Pretty amazing right?  And… it was…

So, when we awoke on Wednesday, we followed our normal breakfast routine and met at the Lodge to prepare for our trip.  We were warned that the ocean would probably be cold and many of us hadn’t brought hoodies but, we were making a quick pit stop at the Galice Resort in Galice, OR so it was an excellent chance to grab a hoodie/souvenir.

After stopping at the resort, we continued our almost 2 hour trek, playing music, singing and even stopping for coffee (green tea in my case… thanks to motion sickness) at a cute little local coffee shop.

Finally, we arrived at the beach in Crescent City, CA!  A few of us, Mafia, Blunt, Scrambler and I went on a geocache hunt… cause everyone knows I am addicted to geocaching… We found the only cache in the area and then went to explore the beach.  I had heard lots of talk about there being tons of sand dollars at this particular beach so, Peanut and I went hunting while several others swam in the VERY COLD Pacific Ocean.  We ended up finding probably close to 30 sand dollars and lots of beautiful rocks in the surf but, best of all, we had a lot of time to chat about life in general.

Finally, it was time for lunch, we all hung out at the beach and ate our lunches we had packed and then piled into the vans for our next adventure… jamming to music the whole way. It started as a normal ride to the Redwoods… but then, when we pulled into Jedediah Forest, the lead staff pulled the vans over, turned up the music and opened the vans doors… we all stood up in the doorways and started our 4 mile trek into the forest taking in the fresh air and the redwoods on either side while waving at people passing and just having an amazing time.

Several of us had noticed prior to leaving the beach that the kayaking staff had disappeared… little did we know they were planning a surprise for us!  When we came around the last turn before the Redwood forest, Gnomeo, one of the staff ran up and jumped on the back of our van. When we joined everyone at the beginning of the hiking trip, we found that the staff had run to town and gotten ice cream for an impromptu ice cream social in the Redwoods…. How fun!

Next we started exploring the Redwoods, we kind of wandered where we chose to an extent… climbing on and inside of trees… hugging trees and just enjoying the magic of nature with other people who appreciated it as much as we did.  It was absolutely magical!

Finally it was time for our trip back to the River House.  At this point, I was pretty tired and our trip back was pretty straight forward so I don’t remember all of it… aside from we did listen to a little Blue October on the trip (including The End which probably isn’t the best choice of songs to introduce people to Blue!  LOL)…

When we got back, we had another amazing mostly, vegan dinner and played a game… and laughed and laughed… There is something amazing about being around a huge group of people who understand you so well.