So the linemen aren’t working fast enough for you?

Lately on social media, I have been seeing a lot of good and bad posts about the linemen working hurricane relief.  Unfortunately, the bad memories always outweigh the good and the stories I have read have hit me at the core. We are an IBEW family and we have worked hurricane relief after Hurricane Katrina.  We were in Mississippi and in our case, the people were absolutely amazing… AMAZING!   They were the kindest, most grateful people I have ever met in my life… Why wouldn’t they be?  They needed assistance and we had traveled out of our way to bring it… as fast as we could… I don’t think I heard a single story of the locals being unkind during Hurricane Katrina.

Now bring us into the present, post Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma and there are all of the stories floating around about people pouring drinks on linemen who work 12 hour shifts and need to stop for a meal or restaurants talking about poisoning their food… What the F? Seriously… these people made a conscious decision to come and help your community.  They are not forced to be there.  They have wives and husbands and children. They would much rather be at home or working on a clean job with no chance of the horror they may find in a hurricane battered area but… they came to where you are to help you and your community.  Also, they are electricians… not magicians… they cannot possibly flip a switch and all of your power is immediately on.  Electricity is intricate and it takes time to repair.

So, please… find patience and be kind…  These men and women are currently way over worked and they appreciate all of your kindness and even just a smile… There is work all over the country, they don’t HAVE to be there right now…  They CHOOSE to.

***  To those who are treating your linemen, EMS, and other relief with kindness… thank you… It takes a village and as a village working together, these communities will be repaired.