Is This What a Makeover Is Like? 

Everyone who has Facebook has seen the memory thing that tells you what happened 1 year, 3 years, 5 years ago etc. Well for me today it was a selfie… Of me… One year ago today… I knew I had changed… But I don’t think I realized just how much… Here is the photo from one year ago today… September 29th… I had volunteered at my girls school that day(at that time it was only Delainey’s school). I guess I was having a great day and apparently I was dead center of my Lularoe addiction at the time(something I rarely wear now)… My hair was long and blonde and I had eyelashes! Eyelashes! 

Well…. Now here we are today… September 29th, 2017… When I saw the picture today, it occurred to me that I still had that same outfit so I thought I should remake this picture… Especially since once again, I had volunteered at the girls school today… And just happened to have my Volunteer sticker still…. So, I put on the same outfit and snapped the picture…. 

Holy cow! Who is THAT girl? No actually… Who is that girl above? I love this new me so much more… I am actually ME… Somehow I think hair gives us a way to “hide”…. A way to “blend”… Well… This new me just doesn’t blend… I stand out and I meet everyone… And I am A-OK with that… 

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  1. Rosanne Wert

    When we go through the fires of hell if we make it through we are stronger. You are so much more poised, more beautiful, stronger and wiser. Yes it has changed you and it is for the best .You were always all of the above but now you are even more so and you have learned what is really important in life. You are blessed!

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