My 3rd Child

So I have had two beautiful little girls…  I remember the beginning of the first pregnancy and that waiting a whole 40 weeks was an ETERNITY… I actually at one point wondered if I had it in me to wait that long… But I did(because you don’t really have another option anyway) and what I got in the end was beautiful and amazing… 

My second pregnancy with Myranda went quickly… Probably because I was busy with Delainey. In fact, it actually went probably too quickly. There were moments in Delainey’s baby life that I don’t recall so well… Again, in the end, I got another beautiful and amazing girl… Who is so perfect. 

Well now here I am… I have waiting 287 days(did you know an average 40 week pregnancy is 280 days from the first day of your last period?)… This time though… I am waiting for closure. 

On December 19, 2016 I met my cancer team. They explained my options to me about DIEP Flap Reconstruction because previously I wanted a full mastectomy with no recon because I didn’t want anything fake in my body… But with Diep Flap, I could use my own tissue. So, this is the day the wait began… 

On January 30th, I had the actual Diep Flap procedure where they move the main stomach flap to the breast area. Of course they did this after the mastectomy that morning… Meaning they got the cancer out first. 

Since then… I have waited patiently… I have strange fat under my arms and in the center of my breasts where they accidentally put it…. I have insane lumps in my stomach and breasts which I pray aren’t cancerous… And… My doctor only took the front of my stomach so I have love handles… For days! 

Finally though… It is time… Tomorrow October 3rd, is this 3rd child of mine’s birthday! My BOOBS birthday! Tomorrow is the day, I get closure, the day the lumps finally go away… And I learn to stand a little taller. 

This “3rd trimester” has finally come to an end!!!

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