Overstimulated & Desensitized

I can’t believe it has been over a month since I have posted on here… I actually haven’t even posted on Facebook in a while. I have so much to say… But I don’t know how to respond… Or don’t have the energy to respond so I just don’t post anything at all… For fear I will need to respond. 

The type of energy that is required to socialize is a different type of energy than the type of energy that is required to clean my house… Or play with my kids… I have THAT energy… Which I think is a plus… Considering what my body has been through in the last 11 months and all. 

I have found that even scrolling through Facebook is disheartening. So many chain letter posts, political posts and downright mean posts… Literally making fun of other people because they think differently or dress differently or live differently. Who are we to judge one another because they are different than us? We are each entitled to our own beliefs… And our opinions… But we also need to treat one another with kindness. 

Now there are occasional important posts… Pics of kids, of an upcoming wedding, surgery updates (good or bad), birthdays and such but it seems that is becoming less and less. I miss it. 

With all of this Facebook jargon, there is also email, telemarketers, jobs, committees, trying to maintain friendships, trying to be the best parents ever (because all of those memes and Pinterest guilt us into it). Don’t forget the normal things… Like laundry, dishes, dinner, vacuuming, getting gas, groceries, full calendars for days, scheduling life by the hour and paying bills… 

What the heck is this? It is life… I feel like we have become overstimulated and desensitized in this world of technology. Think about it… The average American spends 40 minutes per day staring at Facebook alone… That doesn’t apply to email, reading news articles, checking the weather… Anything else… Just Facebook… 

Now… We are all up to date on current events whether real or satire. We know about every person who has cancer, every shooting, every bombing, every kidnapping and I feel like we are desensitized to it… It has become just another story… We hear it and we go about our life… I don’t think we truly grasp any of this any more. 

This is why I just don’t have anything to say lately. It’s all so much to take in… And therefore; all so much to send out… I am overstimulated to a point I am struggling to respond… And I think I am not alone.