The Stigma of Cancer…

So… you had cancer… you went through chemo… surgery…. maybe radiation and goodness knows what else. Now everyone you know is super, amazingly over protective and you love them for it… but, you feel trapped… in your own body.  Doctors, family, friends… everyone says, “don’t overdo it… you need to rest… etc.”… but, you feel … [Read more…]

Self Image

I have been trying to figure out how to write this post for several days. Throughout my cancer journey, I don’t think I realized just how all of this would affect my self image. It’s odd, I feel emotionally stronger than ever and ready to do anything and everything. I definitely grasp life… Even when … [Read more…]

When I Lost My Joy… 

First… For those reading the title… I am fine now… Please read on and you will understand. So, I have always thought I struggled with depression. I don’t tell everyone but I normally even take the smallest possible dose of Zoloft for anxiety. Well… My depression is nothing compared to what I have recently felt… … [Read more…]

Almost done.

Well, it has been almost 4 months since my last post.  It was a post about surgery preparation.  If you don’t follow my Facebook page, you have no idea what has happened so, let me give you a quick update. Everything has changed.  Every single thing. I don’t look the same, I don’t think the … [Read more…]

3 days

Today I am nervous. Today I have my pre-op. I feel like I have so many preparations to get done. Prep my hospital bag, do 2 more Valentine’s for Delainey’s class… Because they got 2 new students, visit with friends and family. Think about the what if.  I certainly hope everything turns out ok on … [Read more…]