When I Lost My Joy… 

First… For those reading the title… I am fine now… Please read on and you will understand. So, I have always thought I struggled with depression. I don’t tell everyone but I normally even take the smallest possible dose of Zoloft for anxiety. Well… My depression is nothing compared to what I have recently felt… … [Read more…]

Almost done.

Well, it has been almost 4 months since my last post.  It was a post about surgery preparation.  If you don’t follow my Facebook page, you have no idea what has happened so, let me give you a quick update. Everything has changed.  Every single thing. I don’t look the same, I don’t think the … [Read more…]

3 days

Today I am nervous. Today I have my pre-op. I feel like I have so many preparations to get done. Prep my hospital bag, do 2 more Valentine’s for Delainey’s class… Because they got 2 new students, visit with friends and family. Think about the what if.  I certainly hope everything turns out ok on … [Read more…]

I Want It

Anyone who knows anything about me knows I am a huge Blue October fan.  I started listening to them in 2006… first with Into the Ocean and Hate Me.  Later I progressed into listening to their older music and eventually became one of those who impatiently waits for the release of their next album or when they will … [Read more…]

Positively Positive

7 days.  One week.  So soon but, yet somehow an eternity.  I can’t wrap my mind around it all.  This whole cancer thing becomes totally real one week from this morning.  Right now, it is still kind of just something that people are telling me.  While the battle within me has begun with a vengeance, … [Read more…]

A Little Help From My Friends

So something funny happened yesterday.  I was scared.  I was thinking about my upcoming surgery and how I would handle it so, I started Googling other people who had similar surgeries.  I found several posts in several forums and read people’s outcomes and they all seemed positive but, it still wasn’t what I needed.  I … [Read more…]