Time for a New Me… I guess…

So… Today marks the beginning of something crazy… The beginning of a new me… On the outside. Today I have my first modeling luncheon over the next month and a half to prepare for the Celebrate Life Stepping Out Gala… I start meeting makeup artist, people dressing me, dinners, black tie events… The problem here… … [Read more…]

Dear Post Chemo Mom

So here you are… Your whole life has changed over the past several months. You went from looking how you chose and having the energy to keep up with your babies to an entire new identity…. New boobs, weight gain or loss, beautiful hair gone. Suddenly you don’t recognize this new person in the mirror. … [Read more…]

What IF? 

Ok so, I have ran this through my head repeatedly. How to write this, how I feel about it and if I should even tell you all but… I think it’s all part of sharing my story and the importance of early detection either way. So here goes.  A couple weeks ago while on our … [Read more…]

Casting for Recovery

One night, when I really wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t sleep… It was probably around midnight, I was surfing the internet for random things… Anything. I typed “freebies for breast cancer patients” and up popped several options… Most of which weren’t terribly interesting in my case so I didn’t both. One that caught my eye … [Read more…]

Is this REALLY safe to put on our kids? 

This past weekend, Scott packed up his backpack to go ride his bicycle around San Francisco, something he does fairly often. Naturally, every time he goes, he packs an array of necessities… Water, his wallet, sunscreen, etc… Well, this time, something different happened.  He had taken an aerosol can of Coppertone Kids SPF 50 and … [Read more…]

Protect Those Who Protect Us…

I think we tend to be numb to things we haven’t experienced ourselves or don’t know someone who has experienced.  Until yesterday, I truly didn’t realize just how messed up our country is.  We expect people to fight for us and protect us but, as they age… we tend to forget about them.   I … [Read more…]

Self Image

I have been trying to figure out how to write this post for several days. Throughout my cancer journey, I don’t think I realized just how all of this would affect my self image. It’s odd, I feel emotionally stronger than ever and ready to do anything and everything. I definitely grasp life… Even when … [Read more…]

When I Lost My Joy… 

First… For those reading the title… I am fine now… Please read on and you will understand. So, I have always thought I struggled with depression. I don’t tell everyone but I normally even take the smallest possible dose of Zoloft for anxiety. Well… My depression is nothing compared to what I have recently felt… … [Read more…]