My Body. My Choice.

If you have read Diagnosed at 36, you know the emotional state I was in when I met with my cancer team at Dorothy Schneider Cancer Center on the Monday after my diagnosis.  So much was going through my head….I was at a cancer center… Chemo!… Radiation!… I never thought this would be me.  It was … [Read more…]

Choices. Choices. Choices.

Well, this post isn’t about my surgery choice yet… as I somehow felt this post was something I needed to say first and completely unrelated.  On January 11th, Myranda(my youngest) and I were sitting in a little restaurant next to a train station.  I watched a man dressed in grey jogging pants and a heavy … [Read more…]

Do What You Dream!

Well, here I am… finally writing the blog I planned and hoped to write for so many years.  I never could decide on the content or find the time or patience to do it.  Funny though, at some point in life, the Universe will suddenly force you to do what you know you should or … [Read more…]